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Access for All

Accessible Provincetown was founded by native son Mark Silva. Mark had Machado-Joseph's disease, a progressive malady that causes a lack of muscle control. When he became aware of the work done by Provincetown's Disability Commission, and the challenges faced in striving to make Provincetown a fully accessible community, he committed himself to this most worthy cause.  Mark passed away on October 30, 2017 and the board of Accessible Provincetown is dedicated to his desire for a Town accessible to all.


Accessible Provincetown is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to making the town and National Seashore truly welcoming to all. To achieve its goals and objectives, Accessible Provincetown works with local, state and national governmental agencies, individuals, organizations and businesses. Accessible Provincetown coordinates with and supports the Provincetown Disability Commission in assessing need, surveying the accessibility situation, and implementing changes to increase accessibility. Accessible Provincetown raises awareness and significant funds to ensure that those living here or visiting have access to all of the wonders and benefits of our town.


Provincetown is a historic community with challenges inherent to an old town - uneven sidewalks, steps and rough roads. In some places, total accessibility isn't feasible. Please know we are working to increase accessibility and awareness where we can. Thank you for understanding.



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